About - Bure Bure

Bure Bure - Handmade natural wool slippers and shoes

Welcome to Bure Bure!
We are Inga and Kestas, and our company's name means "breeze" in Lithuanian, reflecting Inga's love of wind and sailing. "Bure-Bure" is also what we call sheep in Lithuania, and we raise ancient Lithuanian sheep breeds on our farm.

BureBure's story began in 2007 when our first child was born. While Inga was taking care of him, she discovered the art of felted wool and began making shoes. We soon realized that they were the best footwear we ever had - lightweight, breathable, and natural. Our family and friends loved them, and we began creating more models and selling them on Etsy.

We still believe that felted wool slippers are the best choice for human feet, and we're passionate about sharing them with you. Thank you for supporting our small business and our commitment to handmade, high-quality footwear.

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