• Felted woolen Bure Bure slippers with magical Christmas apples

    Christmas is unimaginable without sweet and sour smell of apples. But have you ever wondered how did people enjoy fresh fruit on their Christmas table in the past, when there were no fridges whatsoever? Our Baltic ancestors already had a firmly developed fruit storing process centuries ago. They saved apples in hay, which naturally absorbed humidity, and when the time had come, used fresh fruit in many ways: decorated home, Christmas tree, performed white magic divinations and rituals. Let it be apples for Christmas – the mystical symbol of life, love and knowledge. Let it be even more: I will add straws of hay to every gift wrap so that apples could survive a long journey from our farm to your home.
  • Check our weekly updates on Christmas customs and handmade gifts from felted wool

    Hey, November!
    It’s time to throw more food into fireplace, rest your feet at home and start preparing for the most important occasion of the year – Christmas. Thus, we proudly announce the start of weekly updates on Baltic Christmas traditions and customs – White magic for Christmas.
  • Deer Nine Horns or Rudolph, the Deer of Santa Claus

    Baltic people have developed their own Zodiac with specific system we want to share with you. The equivalent to sign Scorpio (10.24-11.22) in Baltic zodiac was called Deer Nine Horns.Deer Nine Horns carries Sun on his horns so it is believed he is a prototype of Rudolph, the Deer of Santa Claus. Pure and profound, Deer Nine Horns paved the way for Santa to move forward no matter what problems arise. No wonder why people, born on long November nights, are similar to their totem: patient pathfinders, never afraid of darkness. Find Deer Nine Horns resting on felted white BureBure slippers, made from natural sheep wool, ready to be sent to any part of the world.