Back in the days, in Baltic countries, where Christian customs were strongly mixed with ancient tribal beliefs, Christmas Eve played much more important role that it does nowadays. The longest night of the year was significant for countless number of rituals and prophecies performed between dusk and dawn.

Prophecies were extremely popular, especially among unmarried girls.  Often their home accessories used to become medium, which connected our world with spiritual dimensions and helped to reveal future.

I guess there’s no need to repeat that two biggest interests for young girls were guys and shoes. Thus, shoes have always played an important role while trying to forecast love and relationship.

We collected three best-known Baltic rituals and prophecies for Christmas Eve, which are connected with shoes, and still popular to practise nowadays. Want to answer some questions about your future life? Check them out.

  • Put various men and women shoes into one bag and mix them. Close your eyes and pick one out of the bag. If the shoe you’ve taken is men’s – it means that you will get married next year. If not – wait for other Christmas Eve to try your luck again.
  •  Throw one shoe over your shoulder and check which direction its’ toe cap is looking. If toe cap “looks” towards the doors – you will get married next year. If not – you will have to wait one more year.
  • Collect all the shoes you can find at home and put them into one bag or box. One by one, take them out of the bag and put into one line towards the front door. The owner of the shoe, which will be taken last from the bag (put closest to the door) will move out of home first.
  • Order a set of 3 or more felted hand made slippers now and try Baltic Christmas Eve traditions yourself!