These felted slippers from Christmas holiday collection is a perfect gift for those who want to add some coziness to their wardrobe.  Yet, we’ve chosen animals to be pictured on top of slippers for their symbolic meaning in Baltic Christmas customs too.  In the past, Baltic people used to believe that there is one night during the year (yes, Christmas night) when animals can talk and forecast the future. Thus, our ancestors carefully followed the rule not to go outside on Christmas night so that they wouldn’t interrupt conversations.  Of course, there were always some curious people who wanted to listen to animals speaking but they were warned not to do that on intent, since animals could get angry and reveal their death date. Give your pets some free time and spend this Christmas Eve cozily and safe with your family, resting feet in comfortable Bure Bure cats slippers and Bure Bure sheep slippers made from felted Gothland sheeps’ wool.